Friday, August 2, 2013

On the needles: Camp Loopy 3

Well, I've made it this far. One month and one project to go. This month's challenge is a project using at least 800 yards, so I picked a sweater. Yes, a sweater. In one month. But I'll get to that in a minute. First I want to show off my finished Camp Loopy project 2.

The challenge for project 2 was a popular pattern (on Ravelry) using at least 500 yards. Since I was on a high from finishing my first pair of socks in June, I really wanted to make another pair of socks. I searched Ravelry patterns for socks using 500 yards, and I found one that listed 450-500 yard requirement. My plan was to knit extra repeats to be sure I met the challenge. Since this was the first time I've ever tried to modify any pattern in any way, I didn't consider the size of the cuff. I should have added stitches so the taller socks would fit over my calves. Oh well, live and learn. I still love my socks!

Now it's on to project 3 and a speed-knit sweater. The pattern I picked is Tea with Jam and Bread. In case you aren't on Ravelry, the pattern photo looks like this:

And these are the colors I'm using:

So my sweater will look something like this:

And I have a plan to finish it before 11:59pm on August 31 (possibly right at 11:59pm). I calculated how many grams I'll have to knit per day to stay on target. When I hit the target I will be able to say that I survived completed my first year at Camp Loopy!

In other Loopy-related news, Little Loopy has a chance to star in his very own commercial during the Super Bowl. Please click here and vote for Loopy. You can vote once every day. I really, really want to see Loopy's Super Bowl commercial.
Doesn't he deserve a Super Bowl commercial?

I need to thank my wonderful husband and all my knitting friends for the support and encouragement to finish project 2. They didn't let me give up, even when I was convinced that I wouldn't finish in time. Thank you!

I'm linking up with other knitters at Patchwork Times.


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  1. Your project 3 is going to be great in those colors!