Saturday, July 6, 2013

On the needles: Camp Loopy 2 and a MKAL

I've finally committed to a pattern for Camp Loopy project 2. This month's challenge is to use at least 500 yards on a popular pattern from Ravelry (queued at least 1,000 times).

Lots of campers are making shawls or scarves. There are a few sweaters. I'm making another pair of socks, because I was so happy with my first pair. To make sure I use 500 yards and meet the challenge, I need to make some tall socks. The pattern I'm using calls for 450-500 yards, and I'm going to add repeats on the legs for yardage insurance. My yarn is the Mt. Kaytwopeatwo colorway from the first month of Camp Loopy. I bought two skeins so I won't run out. If I have enough left, I'll make a matching hat.

So far I've completed the cuff and two repeats of the leg. The repeat pattern is interesting and easy to memorize, but it doesn't show up very well in the picture. I like how the yarn is pooling so far.

I've finished clue 2 of the shawl MKAL. Clue 3 is already out, but I want to make a little more progress on Camp Loopy before I start it.

See what else is on the needles at Patchwork Times!

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