Thursday, February 28, 2013

Getting it done! February results

To make sure we're getting stuff done in 2013, Judy at Patchwork Times has inspired us to post at least four quilty goals every month. Once our goals are posted, we can help each other stay on track. So, here are my results from February and my goals for March. I don't feel like I was quite as successful this month, but at least I can check a few things off my list.
  1. Medallion mystery, month two
    • Done! Pictures will be posted tomorrow.
  2. Michael Miller Clubhouse 2013, month two
    • Done!

  3. Bright Lights
    • Done! I finished 31 blocks for a swap with the awesome ladies at QATW. (There are a few extra for me.)

  4. Finish at least half of the blocks for Easy Street
    • I really wanted to keep this one out of the UFO pile, but that's where it is for now. I didn't do any work on it in February.
  5. Chickens binding
    • The binding is made and ready to attach. That's something, right?

and now...

Five quilty goals for March:

  1. Medallion mystery, month three
    • This will be on my list every month until the mystery is solved.
  2. Michael Miller Clubhouse 2013, month three
    • This will also be on my list every month for 2013.
  3. I Spy HSTs
    • Half square triangles for an I Spy swap with the awesome ladies at QATW.
  4. Get back on my trip down Easy Street
    • I want to rescue it from the UFO pile.
  5. Chickens binding
    • Leftover from February.

I knew that my quilting time would take a hit when the NHL lockout ended, but making a list of goals really helps focus the time I have. I'm determined to get more done in March.

You can see how everyone did on their February goals and find out what they have in store for March at Patchwork Times!

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  1. Your Bright Lights quilt is beautiful! Good luck on your March goals!