Monday, February 11, 2013

Design wall Monday: Partial seam awareness month

I've never made any blocks using partial seams. In fact, I had never heard of partial seams. I had no idea they were even a thing. After all these years with no partial seams, this month I have two blocks with partial seams in two completely different projects. My Craftsy BOM for February uses partial seams, and my Clubhouse BOM for February uses partial seams. I'm not the only one who thinks that's a weird coincidence, right?

As it turns out, partial seams are a handy trick to know. It seemed confusing at first, but the Craftsy video was great. I probably wouldn't have figured it out from just the written instructions.
Craftsy blocks made with partial seams
Clubhouse block made with partial seams
So what are you doing to celebrate Partial Seam Awareness Month? I made my blocks, and now I'm linking up with other quilters at Patchwork Times!


  1. For partial seam awareness month, I am also doing the Craftsy BOM block (better go watch that video I guess!). Depending how much I love that block, maybe I'll find another to celebrate with.

  2. Your blog title made me giggle!!
    I love your blog! I was awarded the Liebster Award and I am passing it along to you. I hope you have fun with it