Wednesday, January 30, 2013


This week's "What's Cooking?" challenge is tofu! "Yuk" was my first reaction. Texture is a big factor in determining what I like to eat, so tofu is not on my go-to list of favorites. But that's why this is a challenge!
Patchwork Times What's Cooking

We didn't follow a recipe this week. Chef DH decided to experiment and see what happened. We don't cook with tofu, so we did some research before we started. We learned that tofu absorbs the flavors it's cooked with. Without marinating, tofu has no flavor. We also learned that you need to press the tofu to get the water out so new flavors can get in.

We decided to make toficken using some chicken flavor. After pressing extra-firm tofu, we let it marinate overnight in two cups water, chicken bouillon, and herbes de provence then pan fried in olive oil. We served it with green beans and red potatoes mashed with garlic and herbes de provence.

It didn't look very appetizing, but I was really surprised with the flavor. Tofu is usually so bland, but this wasn't bland at all. I could taste chicken and the herbs. Unfortunately, it will still tofu-like in texture. Maybe we could cut the tofu into smaller cubes and make something like toficken nuggets. A coating of cornstarch would make it crispier.

What did everyone else make with their tofu? Find out at Patchwork Times!


  1. Ok so I could do that, I did not know that tofu needed to be marinated or pressed. I may have to try tofu again.

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