Sunday, January 20, 2013

Stash report - 2013.3

See that cute guy holding all those bolts of fabric? That's my DH. His name is John, but henceforth he shall be known only as "The Enabler."

You see, I didn't plan on buying any of that fabric yesterday. I went to my LQS to get some fat quarters and a little gift for the Valentine gift exchange with the awesome ladies at Quilting Around the World. The shop isn't very close to our house, so I have to plan my trips to be sure I don't forget anything. Our conversation went something like this:
Enabler: Do you need anything to finish any projects?
Me: No, I have what I need for now.
Enabler: Are there any new projects?
Me: Well, I printed this one pattern, but I have so much to work on already and my stash report....
Enabler: Could you cut the pattern in half? It would take half as long and half as much fabric.
Me: ....
Enabler: You could use that Village People fabric you've been wanting to buy.

The "Village People" fabric that he referred to is actually called Earth, Wind & Fire, and that's what he's holding in the photo along with Kona Snow for the background. My new project is Starshine by Denise at Justquiltin. It's her Stitchin' with Justquiltin 2013 weekend project.

So, thanks to The Enabler, my stash report looks pretty bad. I did finish a small gift for the Valentine exchange. (I'm not posting a photo, because I don't know if she reads my blog. Hi Jessica!) I'm still hopeful that I'll finish Starshine so I can report it next week.
Used this week: 0.5 yards
Used YTD: 2.75 yards
Added this week: 5.25 yards
Added YTD: 11.5 yards
2013 net used: -8.75 yards

I'm linking my Sunday stash report with other quilters at Patchwork Times.


  1. What a great guy "The Enabler" is. He only wants you to be happy!