Friday, January 18, 2013

On the needles: Second sock syndrome

I've finished the hat that I was working on last week. This is the hat that has been giving me fits since October. I had to leave out four rows to get it finished before the yarn ran out. Even then it was a close call.
my first cable

So with this accomplishment giving me motivation to tackle UFOs, I pulled out an old pair of socks. Actually, it's a sock and a ball of yarn. This poor, lonely sock has been waiting for its mate for... well, let's just say awhile.
a sock alone

I like starting new projects, but I get distracted by another new project before I finish the first one (see: my blog title). When I finished the first sock, I wanted to start something new instead of starting over with the same sock pattern. That was awhile ago. I was beginning to think about giving the lone sock to someone with only one foot. Or I could pretend that the other sock got lost in the laundry. But now I'm determined to finish the second one.
just getting started

I really need to learn the method to knit two socks at once. That will have to wait until the next pair, since I only need one now. Maybe I'll have two finished socks for next Friday's report.

Everyone is linking their "On the needles" reports at Patchwork Times. Take a look!

PS. The pattern I'm using is called "Karla's Socks." My MIL gave it to me from her pattern called "Jeanne's Socks." It has been handed down, modified, and passed around so much that I don't think anyone knows where the original came from.


  1. I too get distracted and also easily bored. When i first learned to knit socks, i came up with a system that has kept me finishing the pair. i started this as a way to get in more practice of each aspect of sock making. i cast on & knit cuff 1, then ( i had a second set of double points) so i cast on the second set. i weigh my yarn to divide the skeins exactly in half. if i don't have a second set of needles, i use stitch holders. then, i do each herl turn; both gussets; both feet, both toes. dine & done. I was not a fan of two at a time on the same needles. For some reason it took the fun out of it. Congrats on going back & picking up your second sock; reducing ufo's is an accomplishment in my book, plus, you can wear those puppies! Or have a great gift.

  2. I have tried 2 at a time and it just didn't work for me. I like my DPN's! But there are lots of knitter's out there who swear by 2 at a time! I guess you just have to try it and see how it goes for you - but it might solve your 1 sock issue! Cheers! Evelyn