Friday, January 25, 2013

On the needles: More pictures of yarn

I went on a yarn shopping spree that has really messed up my POY/POSMWY ratio. I blame Judy at Patchwork Times and Denise at Justquiltin. They keep telling us all about their favorite yarn shop, The Loopy Ewe, so I had to check it out. The shop has a really great reward program, so I had to create an account and buy something. Who wouldn't want a Box of Fun?

Reading about their reward program reminded me that I earned a free shipping coupon and some reward bucks at Jimmy Beans Wool at the end of last quarter. I can't believe I hadn't used them yet! So, I had to go over to Jimmy Beans Wool and use them, and you always spend more than what you have in reward bucks, right?

My DH is a mentor for a beginning runner group that runs on Thursdays. They meet in the same shopping center as one of my favorite local yarn shops, Great Yarns. It was too dark for me to knit in the car while I was waiting, so I had to visit the LYS (where they also have a nice reward program, by the way). They had Freia yarn in all sorts of beautiful colors. I finally decided on the color that I liked best, and then I found a nice pattern designed for the yarn. They have pink shopping bags, so it was fun trying to sneak it back to the car without DH and his entire running group seeing it. He mentioned later that I must have taken a long route back to the car.
cool yarn and shawl/scarf pattern

I haven't made much progress on my sock, because I got distracted by a fuzzy hat.
fuzzy hat in red and black

Since the sock looks pretty much the same as it did last week, I decided to take a picture of it in an interesting place. So here's my sock at a Carolina Hurricanes hockey game. I like to knit at intermission.
DH is not actually poking that guy in the head with the needles.

I've been thinking about knitting a hat for that guy. It seems like his head must get really cold in the arena every game.

Recap of this week: More new projects; no finished projects. You can see other projects, maybe some with actual progress, at Patchwork Times.


  1. Ah - you too have now succumbed to the wonderful world of the Loopy Ewe. The receptionist where I work laughs every time a box comes in with the "Box of Fun" sticker on it.

    1. I've already started looking for one-skein, cable projects. I'm in big trouble. lol

  2. Don't you just love those reward programs!! Hahaha, I have lots of "rewards" because of them :o) The yarn in the firs photo look so yummy!!

  3. Great projects. I always succumb to reward's programs - my weakness.