Friday, January 11, 2013

On the needles: Maybe a hat

I enjoy taking classes at Craftsy, especially the free ones. In October, I signed up for a mystery knit along workshop. It wasn't free, but the cost included the workshop, pattern, and yarn. We didn't know what we were going to make or what the yarn was going to be. They only told us what size needles we needed. I started to have some doubts when I received orange yarn.
This is not my color.
When the knit along started on October 1, the mystery part ended. It was a hat. The whole pattern and corresponding workshop were posted at once. I thought there would still be some sort of mystery to it, maybe part of the pattern each week. It's not a difficult pattern, so a lot of people had already finished before I even downloaded it. There goes the mystery and the knit along.

A lot of people had already finished, but a lot more people had posted that they didn't have enough yarn to finish. There were notes and comments about skipping this or that round and being able to finish the hat, so I followed their advice and forged ahead. Then I ran out of yarn.

It's a cute pattern and my very first attempt at a cable, so I really want to make it.

The pattern called for DPNs, and I ended up with some ladders on the sides. I ripped everything out and started over, this time using my circular needles. I hoped eliminating the ladders would give me enough yarn to finish. Then I started getting close to the end of the yarn again and got frustrated and put the project aside. That was sometime in November.

In the meantime, I made this cute knitting bag in another Craftsy class.

I've started working my hat again, even though the yarn is running low. If I run out of yarn, I'm not starting over. I'll save this yarn for something else. Maybe I'll try this hat pattern with a different yarn. It is a really cute pattern.

I'm linking up with everyone at Patchwork Times!

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