Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The yarn along

A few days ago, I was looking through the photos on my phone, and I noticed something. The photos-of-yarn to photos-of-stuff-made-with-yarn ratio is way out of balance. I need to do something about it. I corrected the photos-of-fabric to photos-of-stuff-made-with-fabric ratio in 2012. No, it wasn't because I stopped taking photos of fabric, smarty pants. I finished more quilting projects this year, and I need to do the same with knitting projects in 2013.

stuff made with yarn

Another blogger posted a link to a weekly yarn along at Small Things. Every Wednesday, knitters share their WIPs and their finished projects. I added a button on the sidebar of my blog. I also set an alarm on my calendar to remind me that I should have something finished to share on Wednesdays. That's motivation.

The next project going on my needles is the Bigger on the Inside shawl. The Bigger on the Inside, TARDIS-blue yarn was sold out for a long time, but Jimmy Beans Wool sent an email when it was back in stock. I have my yarn, I have my needles, and I think I know how to read the pattern charts. This one is probably going to take me awhile.

something I'm going to make with yarn

I plan to post updates of the progress on all my projects. If I don't post updates I probably haven't made any progress, so call me out on it! Help me stay on track. See you in 2013!
Happy New Year!

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  1. I've been thinking about knitting Bigger on the Inside for my daughter, but I'll have to order some yarn so I've been putting it off. Cast on quick, so you can let me know how it goes! :-)