Friday, December 21, 2012

On the needles: End of the world edition

I started this sweater in a "knit your first sweater" class in 2007, and I think I made pretty good progress over the following year or so....

knitted top down

I love the detail on the front.

Then I went back to school for a Master's degree. I thought I would be able to knit my sweater when I wasn't working on schoolwork. As it turns out, I was just barely able to sleep when I wasn't working on schoolwork.

Five years later, I've graduated with an MBA, and I'm trying to finish PhDs (projects half done). Knitting, quilting, cross stitch...there are too many to list. I thought I would be able to pick up my sweater and quickly start where I left off. Problem is, I can't quite figure out where I left off. Along with the pattern, I found this in my knitting bag:

There are four pages of these crazy notes. Thousands of years from now, someone will find this and "decode" it to predict the end of the world. Hopefully my sweater will be finished before then. I especially like that I used the "$10,000 Downtown Puzzle Party" notepad. This is definitely a puzzle for me.

I stopped by Great Yarns, the awesome LYS where I took the class so many years ago, and they said to bring my sweater, pattern, and notes, and they would help me figure it out. I'm going up there after the holidays, because I don't want to get started now and then get interrupted again.

Thanks for stopping by. I enjoy reading everyone's blog posts. You can find them at Patchwork Times.


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