Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Did #deathflu kill my marathon plans

I hope some of my running friends are reading this, because I need advice.

Here's my problem: I am slowly (slooowly) recovering from what I've been calling the #deathflu. My last run was Thanksgiving Day, and it was just an easy three miles. I was in week two of marathon training when I got sick, and I don't know where to restart my training.

I've missed two (TWO!) long runs. It was early in my training plan, and they weren't *long* long runs, but still....

So, my options are:

Option 1- Start the training plan over from week one. But that will mean I don't get all my mileage in before race day. I've already registered for the race on March 17, so I can't push the date back.

Option 2- Start the training plan over from week one, but skip the recovery weeks until I'm back on schedule. How important are those anyway?

Option 3- Start training where I should be in my plan if the #deathflu hadn't happened. But after two weeks off, and still feeling poorly, I probably should ease into it a little instead of jumping ahead.

Option 4- Give up on the marathon and sit on the couch eating Cheetos. Okay, that's not really an option; I already paid my registration fee!

Option 5- Here's where I need my running pals. What would you recommend?

Thanks for reading and for your advice!


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