Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Overcome all the excuses

"If ________ were easy, everyone would do it."

As the official start of marathon training gets closer, I'm beginning to wonder if I really want to do it. This isn't my first marathon, so I know what it takes. Am I willing to make the necessary time commitment? Not to mention the changes I'll need to make to my not so healthy diet?

To make it extra terrifying, I've set a time goal for this one. Usually my goal for longer races is just to finish, but my goal for this marathon is 4:30:00. Not only does that make for some hard training, but it also creates an opening for failure. Scary stuff.

Someone suggested that I need to have five layers of goals. I'm not exactly sure what that means, but this article from the November 2010 issue of Runner's World suggests having at least one goal that isn't defined by the clock. If it looks like I won't meet my time goal, then my goal will be to feel great at the finish line? Maybe. The article also gave a pre-race benchmark (defined by the clock)....

Target Race: Marathon
Workout: 3 x 3 miles @ marathon pace with 30-second recovery jog
Time Before: 4 weeks before

Since I ran a 10k at my marathon pace last weekend with no training, I feel pretty good about my goal. Now I need to decide it's important and find a way. No fear, no self doubt, no excuses.


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