Friday, November 2, 2012

Goals and aspirations

As I commit myself to writing a blog post every day this month, I wonder what else I would like to accomplish before November 30. Turns out it's a pretty long list.

  1. Michael Miller Clubhouse borders
  2. Goose Creek swap blocks
  3. 1930s sampler top
  4. "modern not Mod" sampler top
1930s sampler blocks

  1. Mystery hat
  2. Overcome second sock syndrome
  3. Hats Four Ways class
  4. Restart my sweater
  1. Under one hour 10k finish
  2. Start marathon training
  3. Kickboxing at least 2x week
  4. Get back under my goal weight
  1. Update the brew log
  2. Brew the Australian IPA
  3. Brew Bob's Yer Uncle ESB
So I'm going to be busy this month. What are your goals for November? Put them in writing, and we can hold each other accountable.


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