Sunday, March 6, 2011

All four feet

Anyone who has ever known a Beagle will know that they are completely food obsessed. Our Beagle never holds back when she is on a quest for food. We find her with all four feet in a tipped trashcan or all four feet on the kitchen table (yes, on the table). In our house "all four feet" became synonymous with immersing ourselves in a new project or hobby. You see, we don't just show a passing interest, we get in "all four feet" until the next distraction (shiny thing) comes along. I couldn't possibly list all the unfinished projects we have: quilting, knitting, handmade clothing. Or how much sporting equipment we have in storage: bowling, tae kwon do, unicycling, tennis.


unfinished chicken quilt

unfinished penguin quilt
unfinished outrigger canoe
that time we tried curling

So, why am I getting all four feet in this blogging thing? I've asked myself that question several times. Is it because I have important and interesting things to say? I like to think so, but probably not. Is it because all my cool friends are doing it? Well, my friends set pretty good examples, but I wouldn't jump off a bridge.... I think I'm trying this as an experiment in focus. I'll post about the latest shiny thing that has my attention, and we'll see how long this shiny blog lasts.